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The time really has come to stop the process of degradation in the United States. This nation needs to take the time to grow up and realize how the world works. The immigration policy in the US is now dangerous and a negative impact on the economy of the nation. The government is officially using taxes to help fund and support illegal immigrants, and thus effectively allowing and supporting non-tax-paying people with the money of those who pay taxes. Those people who have entered the country without entering the system are given jobs to keep them out of poverty, effectively putting the unemployed citizens of the nation further in poverty. Those who do not pay taxes are not entitled to welfare of any kind.

The United States is not a default safe haven for natives of other countries. The United Nations should be held more responsible for the well-being of these immigrants instead of the United States government. The United States has more than 300 Million people who have been registered as citizens. This can only lead one to believe there could be up to 325 Million people in the United States or more at this moment. Canada, a country with a more stable economy and just as much land, has less than 40 Million people in its population. Other countries also have much better conditions than the United States. Let the people who cannot survive in their own nation due to poverty, violence, or famine be diverted to those area's.

The United States is not the world's hero. The world views us in negative ways already. So let the United States stop having to be the hero. Let other nations step up and do what we have been forced to do so far. The living conditions in other countries is not the United State's problem, it is the worlds problem. Let the whole world take responsibility for it.
Tell me what happened here,
When I am standing near,
    and you just stare right through me
Like I have disappeared

Just tell me what is wrong.
Why can't you hold on?
    How dare you feel alone when
I've been here all along.

        Why aren't you listening?
        How loud must I be
                        I am already screaming!

                        You look up from the floor,
                        Open the closet door,
        and now I shout no more.

Because it becomes clear,
As we look in the mirror,
    I can't see my reflection
So maybe I'm not there...
The narrator is not dead or invisible. The narrator is trying to reason with someone else. In the beginning the narrator is talking to the other person trying to get them to realize that he/she has been at that person's side since the beginning. Then the person looks into the mirror and the narrator realizes that his/her reflection isn't there. Then narrator then understands that he/she is not actually by his/her friend's side, but rather only trying to rationalize with his/her self that he/she has been a good friend. In the end the narrator was never actually next to the person, and that is why the person wouldn't respond with the narrator. 

Sometimes I feel like we like to be passive friends where we are too afraid of getting involved that we end up not being supportive of our friends. Often at times we lie to one another and say that we are by their side, when in truth we are only saying that to make that person happy. In reality we aren't actually there for that person, but we tell that person that we are until even we believe we are. That's what this is about.
Who the hell is viewing my profile? I'm pretty sure that there are no links to my profile anywhere, so that means someone has to either search for me or find me from one of my submissions, which i find hard to believe because i don't see people actively searching for and clicking on poetry for the hell of it xD

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